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If I knew the original bore size I would have done the math for you but I am not sure of a 305's original bore size. I would guess that you are at about a 313 Cu. In. motor.. I came to this conclusion based on the fact that a .030" overbore on a bore less than 4" bore will only give you an extra 4" or so.. So I hypothesize that you gained 8 cu. in. and that on top of your starting point=313 Cu.In.
Were/are you able to find .060" pistons for that 305 at a cheap price? I would think that if you had to go .060" on the block, why not just find a good useable 350 block? You would be spending less money to rebuild the 350 because the pistons I suspect would be cheaper-all other parts would probably be the same though.

1969 Camaro SS 350-383ci./365HP, T-56, 12 bolt, Power Trax Locker, 3.73 gears, 4 whl disc, Deluxe black houndstooth interior, rear window defogger, tilt steering, floor console w/gauge package, center mntd. clock, tachometer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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