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I've been collecting the components to upgrade the front end of my car and ordered the last components today. Asked a few people for some advice (thank you guys) and pulled the trigger on ProForged tall upper ball joints and tall tie rod ends. I've used ProForged parts on my previous ride, a SVT Lightning, and was very impressed with the quality. I had already ordered the ProForged lowers and they'll be going in too.

I went with Helix upper and lower tubular control arms, and I'm hoping that with the Hotchkis springs, the tall ball joints, things will be better. Also adding Wilwood calipers, Wilwood M/C & proportioning valve, and a TuffStuff dual diaphragm booster. Swapping in a JGC steering box, and that will do it for the moment.

I plan on getting a new front sway bar, and adding a rear one as soon as I figure out what would be a good setup for a street cruiser. I'm thinking Addco or maybe Helix but if someone wants to comment on tubular vs solid and thickness, I'd appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance.
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