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Brand New Fan Won't Turn On - Help!

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Just bought a brand new electric fan for my 93 Camaro (v6 3.4L) The old one was rattling like hell when it would come on. I swapped 'em out, started it up, let it get up to operating temp.... nothing happens. So I run the fan straight to the battery, it comes right on and starts blowing. - Fan is good... I check all the relay continuity, with a multi-meter, they all seem fine. I unplug the fan and connect the multi-meter straight to fan's power cable, let it get up to operating temp, no power coming through. I pulled the relays and tested the number 1 and number 5 terminals (1 is supposed to have power all the time, 5 should have power when in "ON". Neither seem to get any power. Everything else seems to work that has a relay (high blower, A/C compressor, etc) what should I check? Where should I go from here? The old fan was getting power right up to the minute I turned the car off and swapped em.. :confused: Any help greatly appreciated.
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