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I'm posting this for general info in case someone has this problem or think they do.
454/400 combo.
I didn't know at first what I was hearing, but it was a unmistakeable clicking coming from under the vehicle under acceleration only, at first. It became louder & louder in a matter days just driving it around town, not too far away from home. It sounded like it could've been a driveline at first, or a motor mount going away letting the fan move into the shroud on acceleration. But I could pinpoint the noise coming from between motor & trans.
I took inspection cover off & looked but didn't see anything out of the ordinary until I got a halogen lamp & a small dental mirror. After turning the flexplate a few times inspecting & looking for anything wrong, there it was. A hairline crack going from one of the big holes to a bolt hole. It was small & not real easy to see. I had to take my time & really look around at all of it before I saw this crack.
After pulling trans back I took it out.
This thing was ready to cut loose completely. It was split all around the bolt flange. It couldn't have lasted too much longer especially the way I drive. I'm glad I didn't "let it go for now" or it could've cost alot more.
Price, $46 for a stock one. Thought about going with a stronger one but why? This one lasted 29 years pulling boats with campers and trailers with cars and using tranny to brake on steep hills. This one will live as long as I will now. LOL

Hope someone finds the info helpful in troubleshooting.

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I've changed a few of those and the noise can be deceiving. I've had some that made a rattle noise when you accelerated.

Just to add, a couple of 6" bolts screwed into the block will save you from pulling the tranny down. Just unbolt the converter, slide it back, slide the tranny back on the long bolts and change it out.


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