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I was going to check and adjust timing today and pulled the 68 Camaro outside to warm up for a drive before checking. The car started perfectly, and was idling fine, when it suddenly died. I went to see if I could restart it and there was no voltage, gauge cluster movement, and no sound from the electric fuel pump.

Battery Voltage is 12.88
Starter 12.88
Horn Relay 12.88
Fuses 8.7 - losing 4 volts at the bulkhead
Pulled the bulkhead connector, voltage is 12.88

The upper half of the bulkhead connector appears to be melted. I suppose this could be caused by a short, by extra resistance due to corrosion or poor connector fitment, or something else beginning to break down somewhere.

Is this a clean everything up and see what you get situation, or is it time to go all in on a complete harness replacement?

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View attachment 295955
I’m not a rocket scientist, but that looks bad.
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