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If you are familiar with working these connectors, you could remove the wires from the connectors to see if the wires are damaged. It of wires are damaged, replace the harness.

If wires are not damaged, clean terminals, and replace all damaged ones. Get new connectors for harnesses in engine bay. BUT look at the entire harness for each connector before deciding to repair any. There may be more reasons to tilt you to a replacement

You will have to replace the fuse box harness, as there is no way to fix the fuse box.

This is time to look at mods you might want for the car and order harnesses that support the mods.

If you go for replacements, save your old harnesses. You never know when the used good connectors bodies come in handy for other used harnesses on your car or to help someone else, especially with the Camaro unique ones.
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