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It looks like someone filled the cavity with grease in the first photo. When they installed the connector, the excess grease squeezed out through the holes were the wires are shown in the second photo. What a mess. The excess grease on the outside of the connector is now a dirt magnet. The other half of the connector does not have any grease.

Clean all that old grease out. Use dielectric grease sparingly. Just put a thin layer over the bare metal connections. If you use more than an 1/8 of tube, you used too much.

None of the copper terminals appear to be overheated. There are definitely no melted spots on the terminals. No pitting or discoloration.

The pink (red) wire insulation appears to be split. The insulation might be pink heat shrink tubing that has been cut and slipped over the wire. There are no brown or black marks on the insulation slit or wire to indicate that it overheated.

One or more of the connections are loose or broken. That is why you are experiencing the voltage drop. If it was excessive current dragging down the battery voltage, something would be getting hot and smoking.

You need to divide and conquer the problem. At this point no one knows where the bad connection is located. Take the bulkhead fitting off of the firewall. Measure the terminals at the point where all the grease is gobbed on in the first photo. If it is low there, then the problem is in the firewall bulkhead connector or somewhere in the engine compartment.

If it checks good, remove all your fuses and reconnect the bulkhead connector. Check the voltage under the dash at the fuse block. Eventually you will find the problem.
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