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Hello everyone, Some of you may or may not know but I have been collecting data on 68 L78 Camaros for many years now. The last few years I expanded the registry to cover All 67-69 Camaro solid lifter cars. I also asked a couple other members to help me out with this task and it has been successful thus far. I realize that CRG is the go to but I am not trying to compete with them but rather be an additional option for data gathering. I am asking for your help with this. We have collected many cars info and data and I'd like to expand this using our new Camaro Data Form that you can submit for the database. We ask that you go the extra step and email us photos of the car and/or orphan drivetrain items to the email below. Also attached is the hyperlink to the form. All information is kept private, confidential and secure. We answer emails, phone calls and texts almost daily with folks asking for info or confirmation on stampings and components. We do not consider ourselves experts but we will give you our educated (almost 100 years combined) opinion based on the data we have collected over the years. We do this for the hobby and it is one of our past-times. There might be other registries out there that might use your data and info for their financial gain but not with the Camaro Data Registry. So please email us and please fill out the form if you have a solid lifter 1st gen Camaro. For those that have submitted in the past; we thank you for your contribution to help preserve this hobby we all enjoy. Thanks from the Camaro Data Team.

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Camaro Data Form
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