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I'm new at this camaro restoration thing (well actually this is the first car I've ever restored), but I'm loving it. I've got a '67 camaro that I'm dropping a '64 corvette 327 in (it's got 71 heads according to the numbers...I think). The block and the heads were given to me by a friend who had it restored 5 years ago, then just sat in a garage. It was bored 30 over and then never cranked/used. I took it apart and meticulously put it back together with all clearences/tolerances in check and pre lubing everything I needed to.

Anyways, when I "pre oil" with the drill thru the distributor hole, I can only get oil to come up one side of the engine (the driver's side head). Nothing comes out of the head on the passenger side. What am I doing wrong? Or what's wrong with what I've got?

Any advice would help. I'm a rookie at all this. Thanks...
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