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Chicane, I love your engine, yor fan help is great! I was wondering what did you do for a alternator? I have a 80 amp single wire now but I guess I will have to upgrade to 100 amp. What did you do about wire gauges or will it be ok? I have the fan setup in my head but before I mount it and wire it I need to address the electrical part now.
Thanks again,

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Thanks Mike.

I'll address the alt issue first. I am running a late model GM CS-130 in a 'one wire' configuration. The unit is rated as a 110 amps (from the guys who builds them for me). It was like a $100.00 with a life time warranty.

As for the wiring, I have re-done the entire chassis with the Painless 18 circuit (67 harness). I run the battery in the trunk and am using 2/O to a master battery cutoff switch (in car) to the starter. I am then running a 4G wire from the charge post on the alt, back to the switch. The fan system uses a 10G wire from the main battery feed through a 100 amp breaker and then to the fan. In the fan circuit I am using a three position switch -off, control circuit, manual override-. The manual override is connected to the 'second speed' terminal of the fan for a "MAX" cooling override.

Since these are the highest current devices in the chassis and that I dont like electrical system problems, I have built the electrical system with a 25% overkill factor. This also allows me to add on to the system in the future and will not require any other mods to handle the additional current needs.

Here are a few links to study, as they provide enough information to aid in the construction of a solid electrical system:
Alternator Conversion Wiring

Mark VIII Fan Page

And a few picture links of the Alt and engine:

Alternator Page

Engine Page

If you get no picture, right click on the small red 'x' and choose "Show Picture".

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