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Hey Guys,

I'm looking for someone who has installed a Classic Dash (aka "Thunder Road") 4 gauge center gauge panel. Classic Dash and Classic Industries sell them:

The panel does not have a lip on the top edge (like the OEM radio/defroster panel) to engage the matching bracket on the dash. So their is no way to solidly mount the top of the panel and the weight of the gauges will make the panel pull away from the dash.

I called their tech line and the guy told me to mount it with self tapping screws!!!

I'm thinking about taking a small piece of sheet steel, putting a brake in it, and epoxying it to the back of the panel. I'm just not sure how well that would hold up over time.

I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel, so I'm hoping someone out there has already come up with a clean solution for this problem.


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