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clean car (pics, lots)

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It's been awhile since I put up some pics of the whole car, and I just happened to wash her yesterday and shot a few today.

For you new guys, she is a 68 base vert, originally a 327-275hp with a powerglide. Over the past 6 or 7 years, with a TON of help from Team camaro, I've done lotsa stuff, all myself.

original #'s matching 327, stroked to 383, with dart heads, comp 270 cam, and some other stuff. Tremac TKO500, 73 nova 8.5 w/ eaton posi & moser axles & wilwood 12.2" disk brakes. Hooker headers, flowmaster american thunder exhaust system with borla mfflers. All new PUI interior with repro tic toc tach and autometer console gauges added. Front suspension is g/w lower arms, SC&C uppers, addco 1 1/8" sway bar, wilwood disk brakes.

Rubber is Goodyear F1 GSD3 on Cragar SS (16x7, 3 7/8" bs, 225-50-16 front, 17x8, 4 1/2" bs, 255-45-17 rear)

Paint is lemans blue w/white SS stripes, done in my garage 2 years ago.


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Look's great jim:hurray:
What size cragars are those?
What size cragars are those?
ooops, I hate it when I forget something important
Added the info above.
ewww ahhhhh its beautiful... Had you had any prior experience painting? I want to paint mine but want it to look as nice as yours.

your car is amazing!
wow, looks unbelievable. i love those 16 inch cragars.

and the fact that you did all the work yourself is even cooler.

nice camaro
Hey Jim...
Looks super...uh, head to the east coast, my car needs a spiff job like that. Its seems that you are good at it so why waste talent :D Boy, you can't beat a clean detailed car. Nice job......

Gorgous! Thanks for the pics!
Beautiful car Jim -- can never get enough pictures of a ncie first gen
Looking good Jimbo :thumbsup: wait till you get behind me on a road trip again :) my new 700r launches off the line so much better than the TH350 did. Look out :)
Looks great Jim!! :thumbsup: BTW...that right rear tire looks a little bald... Been makin' some smoke with them? :D
Nice house...oh,yeah,and I guess the car's OK,too. Sweet!!!Nice job.
Man, those meats on the rear look pretty burned *lol* :D

Great car, I will truly be happy when mines look that good. Yours is a stick too :thumbsup:
Looks very nice Jim ,and I really like the exterior color,parcial to Lemans blue,also...looks like you are warming up out there....Happy Motoring
Very nice ride, and its the correct year, as always. Nice stance also.

Warning - two things ya gonna have ta do:
1. Make an appointment with the chiropactor to loosen up the cheeks from smilin' so much.
2. Drive with the top up because of sunburnin' the upper cheeks, see #1.
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