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On one of the 69 restorations (this one's a "rolling restoration"), I pulled the clutch (and brake) pedal to replace the plastic bushings and to relubricate everything.

The hole in the clutch pedal for the upper push-rod is usually hogged out, and this one's no diff. I like a crisp clutch pedal...not a sloppy chain of events. You 4-speeders know what I'm talking about.

I hate to order up a new pedal set to fix this one little problem.

What would be the wisdom against drilling a correct sized hole (1/4 inch +/-) a half inch below the original hole. This would provide less leverage, but more "action". There should be ample room in the firewall opening to lower the rod a bit.

Also, seems someone would have designed a kit to fix this...say if you drilled out the original hole 3/8 of an inch, then press in a hardened sleeve.

Any ideas here? Thanks in advance.
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