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I am looking to purchase a '69 but all paperwork is missing (??) Here is what I do have:
Dash board numbers: 123379L528520
Code: C0C5 (I believe this is the paint color blue)
VIN: 313620

I don't know if I am really looking at a '69 z28 or not.....If you can help, I would appreciate it.

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Based on the VIN it is a 6 cylinder car, so it is definately not a z28.

123379= 6 cylinder
124379= 8 cylinder

Your cowl tag info is incomplete. The C0C5 code is an internal LA plant code and not the color code. It should actually be a letter followed by three numbers. 715 is blue standard interior.

Recheck what you have on the tag and repost the info here.
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