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I have a few smog systems almost ready to go.
Everything from the Exhaust Manifolds to the pump brackets.
All original parts, except for only the Smog tubes, and DG pulley are reproduction.

Still waiting for the 992 valves to come cack from the plater, and
my GF stamper for the diverter and the white fan. :)

I am going to professionally plug the exhaust manifolds from the back,
and de-vane the pump just like I do for my own cars.
....... (easy to put back to fuctional if needed)
This will be an EXACTLY CORRECT looking system. Only completely non-functional.
That will save horspower and reliability.

Here are a few advance pictures will be going to eBAy in a few weeks.
Guarenteed to judge perfectly.
2 available systems right now.

Early March 1969
Late November 1968

PM if interested.
Looking to get $2600 Including freight in the USA

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Original Complete Smog System. 1969 Camaro Z/28 - Or SS350 with A.I.R.

ebay Auction

System includes:
Original Exhaust Manifolds
Original Smog Pump - Original #992 Check valves
Original Diverter Valve and extension
Correct hoses and clamps - Original
Correct Pulley and Smog tubes - reproduction

All original brackets and bolts are also included
System has been proffessionally restored as correct non-Fuctioning.

Original Exhaust Manifolds: 1969 Z/28 302, SS-350 w/Smog - Fantastic condition.
Part #3942527 LH - dated: L228, Dec, 22, 1968 3946826 RH - dated: L218. Dec 21, 1968

Original Smog Pump 7801149 Dated: 33481S = 334 day of 1968 - Beautifully restored - Turns freely
Perfect White fan - Original GF diverter valve - Valve #29295, nozzle #7034481, Ext. #3942533

Includes Z/28 - 3932458DA Deep groove (repro) pulley. Or if you prefer SS - 3927116AU Standard groove (original) pulley. Please choose one pulley.

The original 992 Check Valves have been beautifully replated to NOS condition.

The DG pulley,and correct smog tubes are reproduction, as well as the small vacuum line.
They look just right. :)

This is 100% correct but non-functioning system - Very easy to convert back when you are ready. Free spinning pulley, will not steal horspower or gas mileage.

The exhaust manifolds have been professionally tapped, and plugged from the back. They were then cleaned and sprayed with Hi-temp long lasting Eastwood manifold dressing. All threads and studs are cleaned and ready.
The pump is professionally restored, the internal fan blade is removed.

Includes original clamps (not shown), original hoses, original check valves, carb vacume line

Perfect for a correct system with out losing all that the horsepower associated with the AIR system. Correct for: Chevelle, Nova, Camaro. 350, 302, 327, 307 Chevrolet Engines.

Log design with A.I.R. smog.
100% all original parts - Everthing is in Wonderful condition. Never any damage - no rust, no repairs, all threads are perfect - Ready to install.

Once this system is installed. No one will be able to tell it is non-functioning unless you tell them.
It looks and performs exactly the same, just does not pump air. The pulley on the front spins freely, and does not draw horsepower from your engine.

Other pump and manifold dates are available - just ask.
Or, I can restore your system.

Team Camaro still gets $2600 with free freight. Just ask. :D

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