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Hello again,
I picked up a 350 and threw it in to get by emissions.
It is a cheap production house rebuild with low miles.
As I fired it up it ran ok but the garage filled with water vapor.pulled the heads and found no tell tail signs of water in cylinder??? Heads had three diferent kind of valves (CHEAP!!!!)
So I had a new set of rebuilt heads in stock slapped them on and I have decent comp. 7 out of 8 cyls.
not bad odds but its not going to cut it!!
#2 cyl. gets up to 120lbs and leaks out in maybe 3 seconds,seems like the ex valve is not closing
all the way. I still have the headers off and #2 sucks some air into the exaust port on the intake stroke and makes a throop throop sound.
I tightend the rockers to no play + 1/2 turn and loosend them to no avail..
pushrods are moving ok, valves are going up and down.. Could it be a lifter that isnt full yet??
fresh heads and valve needs to be run to seat?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks again for the great site..

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You might try hitting the exhaust valve with a rubber hammer several times to "seat" the valve.

If this doesn't work and these heads are 'rebuilt', you might pull it off and disassemble the heads and lap in the valves to seat them.
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