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Connector Pin Removal

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While cleaning up the wiring under the dash, I found a burnt wire. How do I remove the pin from the turn signal connector? Eventually I will replace the entire harness. Some wires have 3 or more butt connectors, wires that go nowhere, and wires tapped into other wires with tape. Thanks everyone.


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Very small screwdriver or point from test light can usually free the wire.
Here is a link to a discussion I posted on the Packard Connectors. It should give you all the info you need.

Electrical Wiring Tools & Tips / Mostly Packard 56 Series Connectors | Team Camaro Tech (

It would be nice If this was a Sticky at the beginning of the Electrical Section so members could find it easily.
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Thanks everyone for the great info and videos. After reading the posts, I was able to remove the pin and repair the burnt wire. Now on to the next electrical problem.
I've also used a paper clip. Unwind one end of the paperclip and use it like the tool in post #4
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