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I did a search and I'm still confused. At least some things are constant. The low fuel sending unit has a very fine black wire that goes to the lower post of the fuel gauge. Ground, right? I've read posts about jumpering a ground between the front/back gauge panel backs. What are the connection points?

Also, I bought a repro ammeter gauge ( OER ) since mine doesn't move and sits about 1/16 " intothe discharge zone. The face on th repro isn't even a close match to the original silver face. The original is more like a brushed silver, the repro is like a white/silver solid color. There are two tiny philps screws holding the face on. I think I want to swap the original face/needle to the repro. Is the needle a friction fit on the post? Also, the repro needle is painted a dayglo red/orange. This gauge would stand out big time with the originals. Very disappointing as I would like a functioning and matching set of gauges.

Rick Dorion
69 RS Conv,355,M20,4.10's
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