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I just finished reassembling the console gauge cluster (68 RS vert 327, PG). All the gauges appear to work like they should. (The Volt and Water Temp did not work before I started).

Two things cropped up and they’re probably related. I didn’t photograph the cluster very well before I took them out and all of the diagrams I have looked at do not show what I need so I would like to prevail on the kindness of you folks again...

1. There is a little black wire with a ‘hoop’ connector on each end. One end was attached at the top screw of the cluster (light green) housing near the oil pressure gauge. Where is the other end supposed to go?

2. I stated the gauges appear to work OK. Except (isn’t there always an ‘except’?) when I turn on the headlights, the temperature gauge goes all the way to the right (hot). I am assuming it’s some sort of ground or short problem. All the wiring appeared to be OK as I reassembled things. It did not do this before, which means either something failed (possible) or I missed something (probable). Is it related to the first question?

Sincere thanks to all your help. I have learned so much from this board as I reassembled the car.
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