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I have my new conv qtr all done and my last part is the qtr to trunk filler seam. I bought the Eastwood body solder kit and test leaded some corregated channels from floor sections I had. My specialty is painting, but the leading seemed easy enough although my fear of over-heating and warping the new qtr is pushing me towards using a 2 part, self leveling seam sealer like Fusor 122EZ. New vehicles dont use body solder and the catalized seam sealers are somewhat flexible, require no heat, go on top of epoxy and arent old skool lead sled'ing.

How many peeps would still lead the seam over using modern technology? My only hesitation towards the seam sealer is the self leveling issue. The channel is already epoxied and daming it to catch the self leveling flow is easy enough, but can I seam seal in stages, stacking 3 or 4 applications so it doesnt get out of control? Anyone try Fusor 122EZ for their qtr seam, or any similar product? What about finishing off the final top coat leveling with polyester filler? I would surely need a thin application of filler to fully finish the smoothing of the seam.

Any help or insight is appreciated...
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