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I bought this car as a nearly complete project with a never installed 2001 ramjet 502 with rectangle heads. The engine is installed now :D but there is no way the intake will clear the structure of the steel cowl hood.:(

With this setup, what would be the best intake and carb for street performance? It's important to note that there's a slim chance that I may install a procharger in the future. (only because I know somebody that may want to trade for my ramjet parts)

I searched some of the past threads, but just trying to weigh the latest pros/cons and technology available for single vs. dual plane (std and air gap). Holley Avenger vs. 4150 vs. Edelbrock. Etc...

Also, does anyone have experience with the Merlin dual plane intakes? Found the 63020 (correct one for BB w/rect. heads & 9.8" deck) for about half what performers/air gaps go for. Money is not a huge deal, but any $$ I save I can spend on the next upgrade!

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