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Has anyone ever heard of converting the 1968 RS vacuum operated headlights to a cable operated system?

I've seen this done on another 68 RS. The guy disabled the parking brake (How stupid!) and cabled the headlight doors to the paking brake pedal. When he stomped on the parking brake, the headlights opened. It looked pretty neat from outside the car.

The dampers on both of my headlights are dead and I'm wanting to get them fixed, but I can't see paying $250+ to fix them.

If I can find a cable operated system, I could rip out the vacuum reservoir and the associated hoses and have a much more reliable cable operated system. This would save weight, allow for more room in the engine bay, look cleaner, and prevent vacuum leaks from robbing my engine of power.

I was planning on installing a simple push/pull knob in place of the Astro Ventilation knob. (I've got A/C now, so I don't need Astro Ventilation.)

Any suggestions?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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