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Correct paint finish

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What is the correct paint or finish for a saginaw 4 speed tranny in a 67.
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Clean ALL the crap off it..then use citic acid...a heaped teaspoon in 1/2 cup of warm water...brush on, and keep wet for a couple hrs and wash off
Brings old carbs up nice to.
Thanks guys.
tonycamaro-That would be if it was a muncie.
saginaws are cast iron I think.
Steptoe- good advice for cleaning but I need to know if I should paint it or not.
If it is cast it will rust quickly.
Want to know what the general did.
Somebody must have a original saginaw and know the colour!! Pleeeeze
I don't know if this helps but it looks clean..............
Thanks 98blackburb
It helps but not sure if it is in it's installed state or just unpainted after rebuilding. I hope someone will chime in and know:hurray: . I would have thought it would be an easy question:yes: but it's funny how the easy ones are the most frustrating ones to get answers to:( . If I wanted to know the gear ratio and tire dia of a 396 going backwards down the strip @ 12sec then ten people would chime in and the post would go on for days.:D I'll keep asked and hope for the best::thumbsup:
evey saginaw i ever saw and i've seen quite a few were not painted at all. just natural and could clean it up and clear it with a flat clear or hit it with a little cast blast. i would not leave it natural for sure!
Use the cast color paint that is used on other cast parts to make them look like fresh cast. Several companies sell it.
Thanks guys. I knew you'd come thru. Beers on me:beers:
I'd say try something like Boeshield.
Painted looks like painted, not raw iron......
I'd say try something like Boeshield.
Painted looks like painted, not raw iron......
What is that and can you use that on a steering box? I read they were natural and some people say a blueish-gray paint was used (of course they sell it). Mine has just been cleaned and I'd like it to stay that way for a while if possible.
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