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Well i found most of the info but there are a couple of codes i cant find. Any help w ould be greatly appreciated.

vin. 123377n159247

cowl tag.

12d B
st 67-12437 nor 59518 body
tr 717-z d-d paint
2s 3sl

this is what i found so far.If any are wrong please let me know.
vin-chevrolet camaro 6cyl. 1967 Norwood, ohio serial# 159247

cowl tag-(st 67-12437)-1967 chevrolet 2 door coupe.(nor)-Norwood assembly plant.(body paint d-d)-nantucket blue met.(trim717-z)-blue trim.(3sl)-ralley sport option.

The 12D at top of tag i could not find as well as the B. Also the z on the end of the trim code.At the bottom of the tag the 2s and 5y. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.s. the car had no console and shows a powerglide tranny on the column and has bucket seats.

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OK here you go,

12d = Build date of 4th week in December
B = Red Interior Color
12437 = Sport Coupe, STANDARD interior
59518 = Sequential Body Number
Z = Custom bucket Seat trim
2s = Rear Antenna (group 2 option)
3sl = Interior Decor (s) & rally sport (l)
(group 3 options)
5y = Deluxe Seat Belts (group 5 option)

Just for future reference, there is a TAG TEAM forum here that specifically helps on decoding tags and VINS. That's the best place to post these types of questions.

WELCOME to!!!!

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