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hello everyone
i havent posted here in a long time, been happily driving my stock 95 z28 ... i was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago (some kid hit my quarter panel when i was turn off the hwy [he was tailgating]) and i decided after i repair her that it may be time to start some performance upgrading

so today i was looking at suspension upgrading possibilities and wandered onto a video where a guy was doing airlift performance suspension upgrades on a - bad word, mustang - anyway i went to the air lift performance web site to look and see if they had a kit for my car, and all they have is 2010 and up camaros ... and then universal performance kits... what i was wondering is it possible to custom fit an air ride system for a 5th gen camaro to a 4th gen... or is it just such a different set up that it wouldnt work ... resulting in sticking with the universal ... im not sure how much of a difference there would be between the two universal and spec kits - i knew that in the universal you have to buy everything separate

i do have need for an air ride system.. i live in the mountains where there are a lot of steep drives and a lot of dips when you pull into parking lots ... so i want to avoid scraping the crap out of my under carriage.

just looking for some answers =)
- thanks guys
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