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Dates for Jerry MacNeish's Vists

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Jerry will be in New Orleans April 4, 5 and 6th.

If you emailed me your name, please do so again ([email protected]) . I need to get a description of your car, and set a time for your certification.

So far, locked in I have:

1. 70 COPO Z - Richard (me)
2. 69 Z - Casey (Deposit paid)
3. 69 COPO - Mr. Lindsay (Deposit paid)
4. ???? Steve from Ft. Worth - NO DEPOSIT PAID
5. ???? Steve from Ft. Worth, car #2 NO DEPOSIT PAID
6. ???? Gentleman from MS (I need your contact info!) NO DEPOSIT PAID
7. open
8. open

This leaves approx. 2 open spots for certifications. If you have ever tried to get Mr. MacNeish to come out, you know it can take three months to get on his busy schedule. If you live close enough, this is a great opportunity to get your car certified.

It should be around $800.00 per certification (based on number of cars, could go up/down based on who shows), which is a great deal.

I need to get a complete list to Mr. MacNeish by Thursday of this week, so I need to know "For Sure" if you are in, and I need a deposit to hold a spot open for you.

504-913-3618 (cell)
[email protected]
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