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desktop dyno please!!!

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My friend wants his engine dynoed so I told him i'd are the specs
4 bolt main
355 9:1 compression (try with 10:1)
BDS 6-71 blower
dual speed demon 650 double pumpers
DART 220 heads (2.08/1.60 ?)
CompCAM 300BR-14 mechanical roller
adv. duration 300-2/308-4
duration @ .50 255/262
lift .575/.575
114º lobe seperation
2" primary headers, 3" exaust, full length
thanks -Roger
could someone email the data sheets from desktop dyno for it? thanks
[email protected]

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i am thinking about 575
think you need to post how much drive on the blower.
OK. its 8:1 compression and 10-lbs of boost, also it has 5.7" rods
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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