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Tell us all these things:

Bore, stroke, rod length, piston type, ring type, bearing type
any accessories like water pump, fan, power steering, etc
oil pan configuration, windage tray? crankcase vacuum pump? wet sump?
Head type, specifications, modifications, flow numbers if possible, valve sizes, compression ratio
Intake type, modifications, runner length if possible, carb type and cfm
Exhaust system configuration and dimensions
Primary tube size and length, collector size and length, crossover? X-pipe?
Muffler cfm and size
Cam and lifter type, advertised duration, duration @.050”, lobe lift, intake lobe installed centerline, lobe separation angle, rocker arm type and ratio

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Wow, I don't think I can do a good job of listing all the info. The engine is somewhat unknown and I'm thinking of altering the top end.
Here is what I know: (Is it possible to give a ball park figure with this info?)

427 BBC - .030 over = 433 ci stock deck height
bore 4.281
stroke 3.76
rod length ?
static comp. ratio approx. 9:1

pistons Federal Mogul Speed Pro #412P (cast)
0.140" crown (approx 10cc)

pistons are .025" in the hole

Heads: Edelbrock aluminum Performer RPM (#60459)
semi-open chamber
110 cc - 2.19 intake valves - 1.88 exhaust

Head gaskets: FelPro .041" composition

Rockers: Comp Cams Magnum roller tip 1.7 ratio

Intake: Edelbrock aluminum Performer RPM

Carb: Speed Demon 750 DP

Cam: Mellings (part# unknown)
309 advertised duration
230/230 duration @ .050 lift
.513 lift intake & exhaust

Lifters: flat tappet

Water pump: Edelbrock aluminum

Headers: Hooker Comp. Series 2" tubes, 3.5" collector

Oil pan: stock GM - probably no additional windage tray

I realize this information is less than asked for but it is what I have at present. The engine was built sometime ago and the builder has little info for me. If possible I'm looking for ball park HP and torque numbers at the crankshaft at 34-36 degrees timing. I would also welcome opinions on how to increase power in this motor without getting radical. It is in a 68 Camaro that sees street use only - no racing - and I like motors that have good low and mid-range torque. The car has an M20 4 speed and 3.31 gears in a 12 bolt posi rearend.
Thanks for any help.

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