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Did Ford make the ZL1????

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hey everyone,
this may be a dumb question, but I got to know.
This guy at my work is a big Ford freak, and he was trying to tell me that GM had Mercruiser make the ZL1 engines, and they did this becuz gm was crap at making HIPO motors and that they didnt hold together.

so is he full of it?
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That's right, Mercury the boats.

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HA! I knew it...thanks for clearing that up.
I knew that mercuriser made the ZR1 motor,I should have figured what he was talking about instantly.
Yes this ffff---fanatic(cant say the word) is full of it! He does not know the diff. between a ZL1 and a ZR1.... Tell him if he "can't talk with the big dogs, stop pooping on the porch!" (taken from south park) But use it to your advantage and tell him ya, your right and did you know that AMC created the small block chevy...Or maybe Dodge did the Corvette! The gomer would most likely believe you!!!
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Heh, get this. The father of a friend of mine happens to be a heavy duty mechanic. A few years back, when I told him I wanted a 400 sbc, he swore up and down that there was no such thing. I couldn't believe my ears, so I just went and got one, showed him, and let his face turn red as a tomato. On a similar note, anyone ever read the article in Hot Rod magazine a few years back where a "GM certified technician" asked HRM how to convert his Pontiac Fiero to RWD? All HR had to say was "um, all fiero's are RWD. GM Certified Technician eh?"... I laughed aloud.
didn't ford pass on the Idea of the corvette
(a fiber glass body) in the early 50's ,so the guy went to GM .
I might be way off but I thought I saw that on a show some time

drive it like you stole it!!! :D
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i think i should throw in that mercury outboard- the boat guys that did the LT5 for the ZR1 vettes is a division of GM and has nothing to do with Ford at all. nothing. nada. this is also where the 502 crate motors came from- they don't build them, but the 502 was first made for those big inboard boats that only the rich boys can afford. some of them have 2 502's in them. i have seen one or 2 on display in a mall once...i thought it was so cool to have 1004 cubic inches of big block power under the hood.

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Here is one for your Ford guy. Tell him that Ford had Yamaha make the Tauras SHO dual overhead cam engines. A Ford guy around here tried that LT5/Mercury crap on my brother, so I told him about the Ford/Yamaha deal. We got a laugh out of that. I was a Ford certified mechanic when the SHO came out so I had the facts on it.
Gm and Mercruiser got together and built the ZR1, the reason is that Mercruiser has one of the best aluminum foundry / casting facillities on the planet.
Ford and mercruiser got together and made one of the worst pieces of crap in the marine world. The 370... it is a 175 - 180 HP 4 cyl, that uses a 2.3 crank (pinto style) 460 rods, 460 pistons, and one 460 head. The engine is awful.

Mercury Marine is not a GM Division, and is not connected to GM in any way other than the (now-expired) contract to build the GM/Lotus-designed LT5 engines, and they are also GM's largest customer for purpose-built marine engines. Mercury Marine is also a major supplier of fine aluminum castings to many other manufacturers - they do exceptional foundry work.

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That is a fact - GM does not own Mercruiser however they joint venture a lot of projects. Mercury Racing does, however, build some of the best "production" engines on the planet. I have three of their HP500 EFI motors in my boat and one that I am fitting into my 67 RS. 550HP, 600 ft lbs on 87 octane with fuel injection "bone stock".

I believe Mercury Marine is owned by the Brunswic Corporation which also owns a ton of other things.I'm not sure I spelled that right.
Correct - Brunswick owns Mercury Racing, Mercruiser Marine, Baja, Sea Ray, Regal, and several others. Yes, they are also the pool table guys.
Don't ask me how I know this
, But they are also involved deeply with the bowling industry as well! I know, I know, maybe I have a pair of plaid pants and a polyester shirt with a big collar on it it somwhere in this house:p..
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