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Greetings from the Nostalgic world of Dover Drag Strip. Announced and did Marketing for this Track ,that operated from 1961-1976, in Wingdale, N.Y. Invite You All to Visit Our Tribute Site at Our forum is chock full of 2700 posts by over 1400 members all about the glory days of Dover.Over 4200 archived Photos and a 'Bunch" of Videos .The site has generated the Dover Drag Strip Nostalgia 4 years Strong. Dover Veterans at our last one included Camaro racers like Lee Valentine, Don Scinto, Pat Molle and even Fred Egloff Himself driving the Fred's Speed Shop Tribute Car.Camaros at Dover ? A TON ...Many of you will relate To...How 'bout Bill Casey's Super Pumpkin...ALL the Fred's Speed Shop Cars....Tom Iorizzo...Tony Mone, Al Bowes. Dick Moroso and Al Hoffman called Dover Home and got their start there. LOOKING FOR DOVER CAMARO RACERS ! photos-stories -a place to "hook Up" with all the 'Dover Guys"


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Dean, paid Gold members can post unlimited photos that are kept within the TC system here. You can also post unlimited photos using outside hosting sites and then just putting a link to those photos in your posts here. Read thru the link in my signature for more details and for questions about how our site operates you can ask in our SITE section.

Also, keep your photos around 880x660 in size so folks wont have to scroll side to side or up and down to see the whole photo.
Welcome to Team Camaro as well. :)

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Hi Dino, I have great memories of Dover watching my brother race his Henry J back in the late 60's and early 70's (there is a picture of it on your website and he still has the car). I would have liked to have talked to Fred, he was a big help to me in the late 70's. Fred knew things back then that few people know today about racing. Anyway I'll try to make the race next year, Ron.

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Been awhile So Here Goes...We Continue our Nostalgia Drags Sept 21-22-23 2018 Again at Lebanon Valley Dragway. We just did the 9th annual and it was a block buster...why we're going to three days next year ...For ALL the coverage /photos ...Go to our website forum & scrool down for all the topics....also Check out our FaceBook page ...tons of stuff there too...heres some 'quick facts" :

FRIDAY ...Times to be announced
SATURDAY....Test & Tune,Gamblers Races, Attending Groups Eliminators.
________________________.Unlimited Time many as you want ...up til 5pm.
NO OPEN TRACK TEST & TUNE...No Imports ,Street Bikes.
Pro & Super Pro Gamblers Races: 100% payback.enter at base of Tower.
( You must be 'classed' in a Dover Elim bracket or attending Group)
....Sat Night 'FLASHBACK Party" in the Speedway Clubhouse ,with the HOTROD Band.
doors open at 5 at 7...Bar & kitchen open

SUNDAY...Time Trials -Morning...Eliminations -afternoon with exhibition runs .
.............Rod & Custom Show, Dove rOriginals Display & 'DRAG ALLEY" display.

TECH ...Fri,Sat.Sun
Free parking & camping on Track Property.Gates always open ( Friday)
all race entries use entrance to left (down the road) of Main gate.
* DOVER 'new' ORIGINALS -1981 & up Pre-Entered with authentication.
* DOVER VINTAGE-pre 1980 11:51 or slower
* DOVER MODIFIED-pre 1980 11:50 or faster
* DOVER ELECTRONIC- pre 1980 only bracket with delay box
* DOVER 4-SPEED- Pre 1980
* 409 Eliminator-Pre 1980 any style car with 409
* DOVER D.O.T. pre 1980 DOT Tires, Mufflers & Registration.

as always.. Trans Breaks allowed. All cars must pass NHRA tech
Friday & Sat morning Tech (once) will speed up things with two & three day passes.This worked this year.

.....$25. Friday
.....$35. Car & Driver SAT & SUN....$10. Crew/ea. day.-through tech lanes

.....NO pre-entry.(Ecept DOVER 'new' Originals )..Come & Run The Old Skool Way-"Fun Trophy race-the way it was"..with the Dover Crew!
...ALL run 'Bracket Style' With desired Dial-in posted on window
...NO ELECTRONICS !.(except-D/E-Dover Electronic).
........didn't have 'em then---No Throttle stops...Trans Brakes accepted !...SET ALL DELAY BOXES AT '0"

Receive Big Trophy, AND Elinimator Winner Jacket!
Trophys & Decal for Winner & runner -Ups ....Plus Sponsor Contingency awards to be announced.
All Competitors Get "Competitor" DECAL
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