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I have purchased a disc brake conversion kit from Right Stuff. I thought I had everything planned out until I started reading on Team Camaro. I had read the ads and should have been reading on this sight.
I was going with stock springs and two-inch drop spindles, thinking I would retain stock suspension only with the 2" drop. In reading some of the post I now find I may run into tie rod clearance problems with the wheels, That the springs may or may not return the car to stock height. In some cases there is a variance of 2" to 4" in height with new springs. In one post it looked like the writer had the springs in and out over and over. I don't want to so that if I can get around it. I was just wondering, are these exceptions or should I be prepared for Murphy's Law, that if it can go bad it will? Any tips on what to watch out for to avoid some of the pitfalls would be appreciated. The car is a 68 with 383 SB, steel heads, aluminum radiator 15x3.5 draglite front wheels, manual steering, and power glide.
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