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Does 3/4” really matter?

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I am in need of some new wheel tubs for my ’68 convertible. My question is are the Detroit Speed DSE tubs the best option out there with their 2-3/4” width? I see there are other complete wheel well housings available that give you 2” more width but they include the inner and outer wheel well for a similar price. I‘d like to run a wider tire but do not plan on running drag radials or anything like that. I’m more interested in ease of install and quality of the sheet metal. Since I need both inner and outer wheels wells I wonder if I can save a couple of bucks going with a different brand. So I would appreciate your guys thoughts or other options y’all might prefer. Thanks.
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DSE takes most of the guesswork out of the equation.
If I had more time, and supply chain issues were not a factor, I would have done the quadralink.
It eliminates the spring issue and gives you more liberty with backspace.
Im trying to get the most out of my KLUDGE while I can and hope my Dad gets to ride in it ….he’s done better in the last 2 months, and at 82 that’s been a relief.
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