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early z28 intake manifold

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part#3917610 the only thing wrong with it is the divider between the two planes has been poorly ground down ,like they tried to make a single plane manifold out of it. thanks.
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Cutting out a section of the plenum divider is an old racer trick to get more high RPM horsepower out of the stock manifold. Pick up a copy of "How to hot-rod small block Chevys", the method is explained in this book.

I'd say the value is $250-$400 depending on condition. What's the date code?
where do i find date code? there is a k stamped on #2 cyl intake runner where it bolts to head. can i remove heat shield on bottom with messing up rivets, think they just pull out ? thanks
The date code on my '69 Z intake is under the splash/heat shield. I had it restored and during that process the rivets were removed and then replaced.
Mine is dated 1 10 69.
Try $400 - $600 and up. They have gone nuts like everything else. If you can get one cheaper grab it.
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