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Hello Tom. I recently had a T-56 6-speed transmission in my '99 Trans-am (ram air) completely rebuilt including the fork replacement. If this is the same thing you are talking about then the transmission shop is "Brandon Transmission" in Florida. Their number is (813)689-1215. Ask for Tom, the floor manager, and tell him Vince and the Black Trans-am refered you to him. He called and got all the parts for mine in less than 2 days. I am sure he can help you but if not I have some other good sources, just e-mail me and I will do the search for you.

1968 Camaro, 383 Stroker, 450hp @5400rpm, 3.73 10-bolt
Lots of body and interior work to do now and it's all
new to me, lots of advice to ask for, thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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