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Trademe is to use in NZ your EBay
Rem its in NZ $ rate is $US 1 = $NZ 0.68
I have seen and looked at this car are a few shows in the last few months
Its in a condition I would describe as a 1st gen about 7 to 10 yrs from new, and has been very well looked after.

I would like to hear what u guys think market, price etc compared to the states, Canada...

1st Gens if u want one here, a non matching numbers like the above,goes for $35,000 to $45,000
They do not come onthe market often, if you want one, you could be waiting around for a yr, and likely to settling for getting a later model.
Or import one..shiping is about $4500 to $5000 plus tax etc Thats all I know about importing lol

I am curious thu...If its worth while shipping and matching numbers/proteco plate etc car back over to the States???

Might like to look thru this list
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