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Hi Guys,

I have found a 1969 ss camaro with tag as
1 = Chevrolet
2 = Camaro
4 = 8-cylinder engine
37 = coupe body
9 = 1969 model year
N = Norwood, OH assembly plant
521358 = vehicle serial number sequence

Decode for body number: 141401

10B = Built the Second week of October.
69-12437 = Coupe.
NOR = Built in Norwood Ohio.
713 = Custom Houndstooth Black Bucket Seats.
72-B = Lower Color is Hugger Orange and the Vinyl Top Color is Black.

The engine numbers i have found are
manifold 6288751 and a202
Head number is 462624 with c249 and c279
ex manfolds 3382475 h2 and 3932465 rh11

block 3970010 18gm

steering box 7812145 and 2773

I am trying to work out if it is an ss or not i could not find the number on the turbo 350

it has 5 leaf rear end

and what is custom hounstooth

Any help would be great


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Look on the block pad under the alternator for some numbers stamped there. That will tell what the motor was originally out of. No way to identify an SS from the info you've listed. Does the car have power disc brakes? PDB doesn't make it an SS, but it is a clue.

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Sounds like a sweet looking car! Int code 713 is Black Houndstooth, which is a black seat, with black and white checkered inserts. Looks great on a hugger orange car. Also, 713 has the "custom" door skins, which used a grab bar and different handle on the inner door and window.

Being a ealy car, for a performace model look for:

1. dsk Brakes
2. 12 Bolt rear
3. dual fuel lines
4. dual exhaust hanger

As stated above, if the engine is original, the numbers on the metal pad just behind the alternator will tell you what the motor was coded for, and thus, the type of car.

Being an early car, if it has some or all of the above, it could be one of two performace models, the ss350 (assuming small block) or LM1.

Go to, and there is tons of reading on these and other models!

Good luck, and post some pics!

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