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I just thought I'd share an experience I had with my neighbors engine hoist to accompany the engine stand post in this forum.

The engine hoist I used is a folding type. It stores very neatly against the wall and can be dissassembled completely. But there are two things that I hate about this thing. First, the legs are too close together making it impossible to put an engine on a stand or take it off without extending the boom all the way. In fact, when I mount the transmission the mass is going to be dangerously too far past the ends of the legs.

Secondly, the rear wheels pivot, but the leg wheels and center wheel do not. For my garage setup, this means I'm going to have to rig a platform for the hoist so I can move it straight in. Either that or scoot the whole thing with a prybar.

In summary, make sure the legs are far enough apart for your engine stand to roll between. But you don't want the legs to be spread apart, rather spaced apart so you can still fit between the wheels or jack stands. And get one that can be move sidways as well as forward and back - especially if you're space limited like I am.
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