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Being a second gen owner... I'm a little green on 1st gens.
I'm currently searching out a 67-69 and wanted to confirm what engine sizes were built for the 67, 68, & 69.
Also, what was the most popular as far as optioned camaros.. RS, SS, or RS/SS?
I'm going to get real basic here.. what exactly does the RS, SS, signify (like I said.. I'm pretty green!)

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RS is the rallyesport body package which includes the hideaway headlamps and some minor differences in signal marker lights as well I believe.

The SS option is the "super sport" option. It includes hi-po engines and heavier duty drivetrain and suspension pieces.

Engines... let me see if I can remember them all without looking at the book...

Two base option 6 cylinder cars... one is a 230 cube engine that put out... 135 or so horses? The next step up was the 250 cubic inch 6 which put out 155 horses or thereabouts.

On to the V8 engines...

The base engines for '67 and '68 were..
the LF7 327 cubic inch - 210 horses
the L30 327 cubic inch - 275 horses

SS option could get you one of several engines....

The L48 350 cubic inch - 295 horses

and the three big blocks included...
a 396 (L34?) making 325 horses
another 396 making 350 horses
and the L78 - 396 cubic inches and 375 horses

* you could also get the L78 with aluminum heads, which was called the L89... it also made 375 horses.

The last of the engine options of course is the Z28's 302 cubic inch engine rated at 290 horsepower.

These were it for 1967 and 1968... in '69 things were a little different...

The LF7 was discontinued mid year and replaced with a 200 horsepower 307 cubic inch motor.

The L30 wasn't offered in '69 and in its stead was a 350 cubic inch engine making 255 horses.

The same SS option engines were availible, but the L48 was now rated at 300 horses instead of the previous 295.

There were also some very rare engine options that you could get... these included various 427 big block engines putting out 425 rated horsepower and one particularly bad all aluminum 427 called "ZL-1" that was rated at only 430 horses, but in actuality put out substantially more.

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thanks boodlefoof (what is a 'boodlefoof' anyway?!)
next set of questions..
How can you verify on the 67 & 68's which of the 327 engines was made for each car (LF7 or L30)?
Same for the 396 (L34?, L78)?
How do you number match them?
How rare is the SS? Anyone know any ratios of number of SS/ to total cars built?
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