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Think of it this way for LAUGH'S!!

"Poked and stroked, but I'd rather be blown"!!

Poked = bored out larger cylinders for bigger pistons to increase engine cylinder size..

Stroked = increase's the up and down piston motion to up cylinder displacement. Again, to increase cylinder size..

AND finally.....

Using a forced air power-adder to make the engine think it is bigger than it actually is b/c more air and fuel are being forced into it by some form of a supercharger/BLOWER, thus the term, "blown"..

You up the blowers pressure by about 14 psi give or take and an engine think's it is twice as big as it really is!! IF the fuel has a high enough octane to allow the engine to run right so that it stay's out of detonation??


PS., stock Chevy examples..

The old '55 265" engine was 3.75" b x 3.00" s and they finally years later bored and stroked it stock to the '70, 400" engine's, 4.125" b x 3.75' s size....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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