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Hello all I'm re-posting this hoping for your help.
I have built myself an engine test/run stand and I'm at the point that I want to run a SBC engine with 1987 TPI setup.
My current issue is that I need to find out what wires for the computer MUST be connect to what power source and what will not be required to just start and run the engine for a few minutes.
The stand does have a radiator and will be using electric cooling fans.I need starter power,fuel pump power, distributor power, oil pressure display and tach.
Any help that you electrical guys can give me will be most appreciated. I'm using a Painless TPI harness that was in my 67 Ragtop at one time. I need to run thru the computer in order to get the fuel injectors to fire. All other systems should be able to connect to the test stand switched power supplies. ie fuel pump, fans, ign, etc.
Thanks for looking and for any help you may be able to give.
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