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The CRG makes mention of free information via GM: CRG

I recently called them and it took about a week to get my information packet.

It's huge. There's one booklet that contains parts dealers, car clubs, etc.

The other booklet is a couple hundred pages, double sided.

The first part is a GM document that contains specs on every model of the 67 camaro -- hp/torque curves, standard equipment, all the specs on all the equipment (voltages, weight, etc.).

The second part is a reprint of The Chevrolet Camaro, by Donald McPherson, Charles Rubly, and Victor Valade. It's an SAE publication. This document details the development, concepts, wind tunnel tests, frame characteristics, handling characteristics, etc.

The third (last) section contains the AMA Specifications of the camaro -- there's a section for each engine/tranny combo.

The first and third sections are specific to the 1967 camaro. The SAE document is more general to first generation camaros.

Anyway, the information was free. Just called up and gave the guy my name, address, and VIN number. Easy as could be.

I'd highly recommend anyone interested in their camaro (and isn't that all of us?) give them a call to get your information kit.

BTW, it's all black and white copies.

K.A. Young

67 SS 350
PowerGlide AT
AC, Deluxe Interior

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