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I recently purchased a '69 RS 350 with the Light Monitoring System. The two front monitors are functioning after a little TLC and clean up. The rear pod is not there, but some of the fiber optics are there. I've read the other posts on this, and I hope that someday I will find the parts to make it all original. Does anyone have pictures of the rear pod installed in a coupe? Maybe from both inside the car and trunk view?
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Use the search feature and go through some of the forums with the search word "fiber optic" There has been alot of stuff about the monitoring system in the past that may help you...

Chris - this is a system that GM used on several models of cars to monitor the lights. The fiber is the medium used to transmit light to the displays on the fenders and to a pod mounted in the rear that could be seen in the rearview mirror. If a bulb went bad you would know it now instead if when you were getting pulled over for it!! Not very many car were ordered with them. A complete set of NOS fiber, monitors and fittings will bring about 2 grand these days.

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