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Thanks guys.

I didn't prime, just a thorough surface clean and prep.
I know it's better to replace the grill with a black one because the plastic is black and won't ever chip or peel, but my car was already painted and I decided to take a chance with chipping rather than try to match the existing paint.

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That is nice! My favorite color for a 69 :) I bought a 69 SS 396 a few years ago that was said to have a rebuilt motor and complete rebuilt drivetrain. It looked like it including new body bushings, springs, ball joints etc. All new underneath, but the body was fair, interior was nice original. I got 10 miles from the guys house and the car started smoking, clanging then the motor seized. I called him and said I be right back for my cash and he better get a tow truck for HIS car ! He gave my my money back and I handed him the keys....

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