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So for the last year or so I have been trying to think of an eloquent way to incorporate an on /off overdrive switch into my 69 Camaro. I am putting in a new gauge panel and I didn't want to put a switch in the dash like I had before.

What I finally came up with and just finished installing is a 1969 Camaro Cruise Control turn signal lever and a latching relay to make the momentary switch work like an on/off switch and work with the 700r4 trans overdrive.

The level is a simple swap out for the standard turn signal lever and and extend two of the switch wires through the steering column so that the wires can be run to the latching relay.

Picked up the turn signal / cruise control lever at swap meet $15
Latching relay $10
Blue LED $5

This allows me to turn the overdrive on /off with the button on the end of the turn signal lever. I drilled a hole in the shift selector illumination plate where the P R D 1 2 3 backside plate where the lighting bulb go and added a blue LED that comes on when the O/D is on and off when the O/D is off.

I have it in series with the vacuum control switch so they work together when the overdrive is on.

Whole thing cost me $30, just thought I would share with the group. :smile2:
I have to say this is a sweet setup.

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