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Hi to all you fellow Camaro Fans!

I am posting now since I saw the page that said I have never posted so I'M POSTING, sorry I'm not yelling.

I have been the proud owner of a '69 X33 for the past 10 years? I lose track of time.

All you restorers on a tight budget know how expensive it is to get a project going. After losing enough money in the stock market in the last 6 months to FINISH my car, I am in a 70% cash position and spending whatever I have to out of my investments to get this 10 year project rolling. Or as I like to say, burn the rubber off the tires! Yes I'm 48 years old and still love to smoke the tires and scream as loud as my tires do! ha!

My car has been with a painter for the past 4 or 5 years with a hunting buddy of mine who completely hand sanded the car and never put an orbital or power sander on the car even once..... All that for $3,000 !!
I have a lot more time than money.

I have collected parts for the past 10 years and mostly 6-10 years ago when I had money and was single. I am now married and my wife know's I am going to spend another 3-6 grand to get it running. The stock market may take a dive but the value of my car will ALWAYS be an appreciating asset.

I have a 1970 CE302 short block, 186-2.02 heads, the right aluminum intake and the muncie m21 that came with the $4,000 dollar car in 1998. Oh yeah, and the original interior. Anybody got a 4053 carb to get rid of? I believe my build code is 01c? I would have to look again but will be just as happy with an aftermarket. I'm sorry but I am not an anal numbers matching guy even though I am going all original in parts and appearance where I can.

I will try to post a pic so hold on.

I hope that works. let me try again.

darn it I can't see a pic hold on......

Oh well I'm only going to try this one more time.

Anyway, I hope you get the jist of it. I have just put in my widow cranks and door latches. The car is still gutted with nothing in it. I am going to buy a blueprint cam from crane in the next week or 2 and an aftermarket 4053. I have got to get this bad boy running. I can't stand it ANYMORE!!! (that time I was yelling).

I just want to say that I appreciate the input and feedback of the members here and the great resource of knowledge to tap into. I will try to get more involved and keep posting pics on my photobucket link. Who knows, I might just sell some extra parts and buy a membership here to make posting pics simpler since that is what started this long winded message.

Have a great day and a heart Howdy from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am really looking forward to attending cars shows and rida alongs.
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