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Hey, Team Camaro thanks for all the help and advice so far. This is the first time i have ever done anything like this. I've loved first gen's since as long as i can remember i'm only 23 but couldn't wait much longer to own one! I'm pretty excited about starting to make her look like a Camaro again. Especially since my neighbor called it a mustang!! :mad: I finally got it all torn down and gutted, now i'm just trying to figure out what the best plan of attack to get her back together is. Heres a list of what all i have to replace (pretty much everything):

Both Inner and Outer Rockers
Full Floor Pan
Full Trunk Pan
Both Quarters
Roof and Possibly/probably the post
Filler Panel
Inner and Outer Tail Panel
Potentially the rear frame rails
Top of the dash panels
Inner Outer wheel wells
And ill probably be replacing most of the front end also i haven't really looked over the pieces to verify yet.

I'm going to try and do most of the work myself, but having never done anything like this before so i'm not sure. Right now the plan is to take it to a shop and have them do the inner rockers, and rear frame rails which will probably include the full trunk also. Mainly i don't want to end up messing something up with the structural integrity of the car and finding out way to far into the process. Is this something i could do or should i just cough up the money and take it to a shop?

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Derrick - good start to a project. We have all been there before and the great thing is even if you are alone in your garage thousands of miles away - someone is here for you to bounce plans and issues off.

You will be able to do anything you have the tools and space for. Sending out to the shop is a great way to keep it rolling and even better if the shop lets you have a hands on approach gaining knowledge of how things were replaced etc.

Welcome aboard TC and looking forward to your progress postings.

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