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And now for the fun stuff......

Got the front subframe steering and suspension built up on a dolly for mounting the car to make it a roller from paint and body..

Shoe Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Sneakers

Mounted my 17 Inch honeycomb wheels from year one.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Light Car

And here are the post paint shots....I really like the 74 and 75 blue paint offerings on the Trans Am, so I opted for the 75 code 29 "Stellar Blue". I really like how this paint shows on the car and shows differently in different light situations.

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire

Hood Automotive design Fender Automotive tire Bumper

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Vehicle Car Wheel Tire Automotive tire

Weather stripping and seals installed, and now just waiting to get the car in the bay to drop the motor and trans in and start the monumental task of wiring. once the headliner is in and carpet laid down and rear speaker and package tray installed will have front and rear glass installed......anyways, after a LONG time and a lot of work and government issued paper, she's starting to resemble something drivable again.

Looking forward to the road ahead on reassembly, I do have to admit, its ALOT more fun putting new and clean parts back together than it was taking old filthy worn out parts off, days of grinding, pounding, torching and then showering dirt grime and grease off in buckets when done was its own kind of fun, but I don't miss being that dirty anymore....

hope y'all enjoyed, I will post more pictures as the reassembly process makes head way.

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Well done! Better late than never as they say. I appreciate the fact you have stuck with it. I suspect there are many, many disassembled project cars out there that never see the light of day once they are strewn all over the garage. Color is very nice.
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