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Hello All,
Well our friend's 67 Camaro is coming along and
once again I need some help.

Sorry if this post is long - -BUT I will try to included
as much as I know in the hopes you people can understand
what I am doing or trying to do.

Yesterday, I worked on the Camaro - - I pulled the steering wheel.
Our friend is pretty weak and has a hard time getting into the car.
So - - a little more set-up info.
The Previous owner had installed a button below the dash and the
horn works, by using the button.
I am trying to get the horn button on the new wheel to work.

I wish I remembered the name of the new wheel BUT it is a 14"
wheel. It has an aluminum spacer? that goes where the old steering
wheel sat. On the new wheel - -you put this spacer and attach with
the shaft bolt and then the steering wheel sits on this spacer.
I think it is a "Grant" wheel. It has like 12 screws that hold the
steering wheel to the "spacer". I should know the name BUT I hope
it does not matter at this point.

So when I took the old wheel off - - I looked at things and everything looked pretty good. I pulled the wheel - -removed a plastic "cap" or plate and could
see the directional switch etc. ON the plastic ring I pulled the bottom looks like brass and I cleaned it well.
I also saw a contact that was spring loaded. I will call this CONTACT # 1.
Everything there looked good.
I cleaned things up and installed the new steering wheel and the new contact
wires in the center of the new wheel.
In theory - -it should work - -BUt I know that the PO must have by-passed the wire going up the column.

I probably should have pulled the directional switch - -BUt got cold feet at that point.
As mentioned - -the PO has a button on the bottom of the dash. I noticed there is a blue wire feeding the button. The blue wire comes through the firewall BUT I did NOT search for where it goes from there. I assume the horn or a horn relay.

So what I thought I could do was to figure out what wire in the harness feeds contact #1 - - - Then I could take the BLUE wire and splice that into the
wire running up the column.

I stink at electrical BUT I am learning. I am thinking the problem is either
the wire is OFF the bottom of contact #1 or there maybe short in the horn wire running up the column or that button the original switch was no good.

So at this point - I am looking for what color is the wire that runs up the
column. What I see is a "ribbon" wire that contains about 6 wires.
I am hoping one of them controls the horn.

LAslty - -if the problem turns out to be the wire on CONTACT #1 - - do I need to replace the hole directional swtich? Not sure if the wire would come with a new switch.

I know this is a lengthy post BUT I try to give as much info as I can.

I know this for many is NOT a huge deal - -but it is something on our
friend's mind and I want to fix it.

Thanks as always - - Jim (the old Ford guy trying to learn and help)

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Now the rest of the story....
Black wire is the horn sire.
Do yourself a favor - replace the horns with a test light you can see from the drvr seat.
This way, if the steering column black wire is shorted somewhere in its route, you won't have the horn blaring.
Contact 1 goes through the t/signal switch, not part of the switch.
There should be, if I remember, a plastic barrel fitting around the contact and spring preventing it form touching ground.

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Hello Everett#2390,
Thanks a LOT. You are correct - -there is a round barrel

My gut feeling is there may be a short in the column - perhaps
why the PO installed the "button". To me - the contacts and
stuff looked good.
I like the idea of a "test light". My wife and I have been just visiting
with our friend and not doing anything on the cars. I will likely
give this a shot in a day or two.
He would be happy if I could make the horn button on the wheel
work. Who knows - - I may get lucky. I sure wish I could have
gotten to the bottom of contact #1 - I would have run the "BLUE"
wire to it and I am certain things would work.

I also need to figure how the horn gets power.
On Fords - -the wire carries the "juice" and the horn is the ground.
I think on the Chevy - it is opposite.

Thanks again and I will try to fix and post my progress


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Horn(s) get power from the relay under the voltage regulator on the drvr side of the radiator support, just to the left of the radiator.

The black wire in column is the key to energizing the relay, horn power is green wires.
Horn relay has a buss bar on it connecting the battery and electrical system together.
Relay coil gets power from the connection internally.
The black wire coming out to column should have battery voltage on it, until it touches ground, complete the circuit, relay closes, horn(s) blare.

PO may have wired horns directly with under dash button and pulled power from fuse panel spade and jumpered around the horn relay.
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