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I just received this email from Escort Radar Company.
Seems there is a upcoming bill to ban detectors and jammers in Florida.

It is silly to think it will make the roads safer.
Here is what they sent me:


Dear Florida ESCORT owner:

We are writing to inform you that your Florida State Senator Stephen Oelrich has submitted a Bill that would place a ban on radar detector use in your State.

Legislation: SB 2228

Sponsored by: Senator STEPHEN OELRICH


General Bill by Oelrich

Speed-measuring Devices: prohibits use of devices that detect or interfere with speed-measuring devices used by law enforcement agencies; provides that enforcement must be secondary; provides penalties. Creates 316.1907.

The proposed Bill states "A driver may not operate a motor vehicle on a street or highway in this state if the vehicle is equipped with a device that is in operating condition and readily accessible for use by the driver or any passenger and that detects, jams, or otherwise interferes with the operation of a radar, as defined in s. 316.1906, operated by a law enforcement officer."

You may view the entire proposal here:

We encourage you to take a few minutes to contact Senator Oelrich directly and let him know how you feel about this proposal. Please be sure to identify yourself, including particulars on your residence, detector ownership, driving record, and any other pertinent information.

Below, please find information that may help you organize your call, letter, or E-mail. You might also take the time to express your views on what you would like your Senator to work on instead of encroaching on driver's protection and freedoms.

Please call or send your comments immediately to:

District 14 - Steve Oelrich
[email protected]
202 Senate Office Building, 404 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 487-5020
4131 N.W. 28th Lane, Suite 4 Gainesville, FL 32606
(352) 375-3555 or (866)778-2300


Your Friends at ESCORT
5440 West Chester Rd.
West Chester, OH 45069-2950

Your message could be as simple as:

I, John Smith, 125 My Street, Naples, Florida, want you to know that I oppose SB 2228.

Other suggestions include a letter or email with the following:

I strongly oppose Bill 2228. A radar detector ban is an idea that just doesn't work. Research and experience both show that the state with a detector ban typically does not enjoy lower accident rates or improved speed-limit compliance when compared against neighboring states with no such restrictions. Instead, radar detector bans are difficult and expensive to enforce causing precious law enforcement resources to be diverted away from more important duties. Even the first state to adopt a detector ban, Connecticut, decided the law was ineffective and unfair. In 1992 Connecticut repealed its ban. Traffic radar is prone to misuse and mistakes. Drivers should not be denied the right to know when they are under surveillance.

While I wholeheartedly support measures that would reduce accidents, I do not believe that this proposal will have any positive impact. In fact, it has never been demonstrated that radar detectors cause accidents or even encourage motorists to driver faster than they would otherwise. The Yankelovich - Clancy - Shulman Radar Detector Study conducted in 1987 showed that radar detector users drove on average 34% further between accidents (233,933 miles versus 174,554 miles) than non radar detector users and had much higher seat belt use compliance.

I also resent the implications regarding the intentions of detector users. When speed limits, speed monitoring, citations, penalty points, license forfeiture, and insurance premiums are administered solely in the name of highway safety, Florida residents will not buy radar detectors.

In addition, radar detectors play a significant role in preventing accidents and provide a pathway toward tomorrow's Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). The technology is known as the Safety Warning System® (SWS). SWS is a patented microwave technology approved by the Federal Communications Commission that alerts motorists inside their vehicles to oncoming emergency vehicles, potential road hazards, and unusual traffic conditions, enabling them to be prepared to take appropriate action. SWS equipped radar detectors pick up the transmitter signals and announce them to motorists in a variety of ways. At this time there are 10 million SWS radar detectors in use nationwide. Some receivers have a special LED that is activated by the transmitter, some display a brief text message, and some receivers even give the message to the driver in a synthesized or real voice. There are over 60 unique messages that can be displayed on an SWS equipped radar detector. Surely, lawmakers do not intend to deny the drivers of Florida the important safety benefits the Safety Warning System® will bring to our highways.

In 1998, following President Clinton's signing of the landmark Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, the federal government earmarked $2.1 million for further study of the SWS over a three-year period of time. The U.S. Department of Transportation is the government agency that is administering grants to state and local governments to purchase the system and study its effectiveness. Georgia Tech Research Institute did the original SWS development work and is the recipient of the research funding. Currently the industry owners of SWS are donating all SWS licensing proceeds in the form of SWS transmitters for school buses and emergency vehicles.

As you can see, there are many valid reasons why I oppose this Bill.


(your name here)

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Or, a ban on cell-phones attached to the side of your head. :eek:

In Florda...
We can have a loaded gun in our lap, 5 children - and a family of dogs in the beds of our pick-up trucks.
Also over 20% of the drivers do not have a valid operators license, or any kind of insurance. (or can speak and read English)

But I guess it is more important to take away the radar detectors. :clonk:
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