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I’ve got parts that I won’t be using and thought someone doing a restoration might need/be able to use. All parts came from a 69 Camaro I purchased and am going the pro touring route with. I have:

-Damaged OEM fender
-Exhaust manifolds
-Spare tire ( I don’t think camaros came with this spare but you tell me)
-intake manifold
-Center caps
-Rally center caps and rings
-radiator worked fine when I pulled it but has been sitting in a shed for a few years
-gas tank- same, sitting in a shed, might need coating.
-valve covers

I bought the car from a guy who inherited it from his aunt. Apparently these parts are originals, I honestly don’t know definitively since I really lack the knowledge to know original from replaced. I'm having no luck getting pictures uploaded so message me and I can send pictures.

I’m in Orange County,CA, hopefully
there is something that helps a restoration out there.
PM me to set up a pickup.

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Can you post pictures of the items that you listed? I would be interested in the valve covers and exhaust manifolds if I could see them first.

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Mike - under the circumstances since you are under ten posts, if you want me to post photos of your items send me the image tag urls to your photo share and I'll put them up for you. Once you reach ten posts you can post image tags to off-site photos shares on your own.

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